The Peaky Blinders: A Glimpse into the Underbelly of 1920s Birmingham

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#PeakyBlinders はBBCの名門TVドラマです。ナイトクラブオーナーThomas Shelby麾下のリーダーとして、 Peaky Blinders家族は1920年代後半のイングランドのモンバサ地区を支配していました。物語の鍵となるテーマは、家族の私利を最大限に上げるための強欲な戦略や、Thomas Shelbyとその兄弟たちが極度の不法行為でのものづくりを囲むストーリーです。

主要なキャストには、Cillian MurphyがThomas Shelbyを演じ、Paul Andersonが他の兄弟たちを演じています。犯罪性、および男性性を表現した複雑なキャラクターで完成した、異質で重厚な物語を提供しています。


また、その主演であるCillian Murphyの俳優力や、今年の最新ジャージーウェアのカルチャーなど、#PeakyBlindersはTwitter上でも話題になっています。


Peaky Blinders is a British television crime drama series created by Steven Knight, which premiered in 2013. The show is set in Birmingham, England, in the aftermath of World War I, and follows the lives of the Shelby family, who are involved in organized crime.

The name “Peaky Blinders” refers to a real-life gang from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, who were known for their distinctive flat caps with razor blades sewn into the peak, which they used as weapons.

The show stars Cillian Murphy as the lead character, Tommy Shelby, the head of the Shelby family. Other cast members include Helen McCrory, Paul Anderson, and Tom Hardy.

The series has been praised for its writing, cinematography, and performances, and has won several awards, including the BAFTA for Best Drama Series. It has gained a large following and is considered one of the most popular British TV series of recent years.



The Peaky Blinders have captured the hearts and minds of audiences worldwide with their tale of crime, family, and loyalty. Set in the aftermath of World War I, the show follows the Shelby family as they navigate the dangerous world of organized crime in 1920s Birmingham.

With a gripping storyline, a talented cast, and a unique setting, The Peaky Blinders has become a cultural phenomenon. But what is it that makes this show so special? Let’s dive into the world of The Peaky Blinders and explore what makes it such a captivating and thrilling watch.

The Rise of the Peaky Blinders

The Peaky Blinders began as a small-time gang in the backstreets of Birmingham, but their ambitions soon led them to become one of the most powerful criminal organizations in the city. Led by the charismatic and cunning Thomas Shelby, the Peaky Blinders rose to prominence through their various illegal activities, including gambling, extortion, and protection rackets.

The Characters of the Peaky Blinders

At the heart of The Peaky Blinders are its characters. Each member of the Shelby family and their associates is fleshed out and given their own unique personality and backstory. From the calculating and ruthless Thomas Shelby to the hot-headed and impulsive Arthur Shelby, every character has their own strengths and weaknesses, making them all the more human and relatable.

One of the standout characters in the show is Polly Gray, played by the talented Helen McCrory. Polly is the matriarch of the Shelby family and one of the few women in a male-dominated world. Her strength and resilience are an inspiration to women everywhere, and her complex relationship with Thomas adds an extra layer of depth to the show.

The Setting of the Peaky Blinders

The Peaky Blinders is set in the gritty and industrial city of Birmingham in the aftermath of World War I. The show does an excellent job of capturing the bleak and oppressive atmosphere of the time, with its dimly lit streets, smoke-filled factories, and constant sense of danger.

The attention to detail in the show’s set design and costumes is also worth noting. From the Peaky Blinders’ iconic flat caps to the intricate designs of Polly’s dresses, every aspect of the show’s aesthetic is carefully crafted to transport the audience back in time to the 1920s.

The Themes of the Peaky Blinders

At its core, The Peaky Blinders is a show about family, loyalty, and the lengths people will go to protect those they love. The Shelby family is a tight-knit group, bound together by blood and a shared sense of purpose. Their loyalty to each other is unshakable, even in the face of danger and betrayal.

The show also explores themes of power and corruption, as the Peaky Blinders navigate the murky waters of organized crime. The characters are constantly forced to make difficult choices and face the consequences of their actions, highlighting the moral ambiguity of their world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning behind the name “Peaky Blinders”?

The origin of the name “Peaky Blinders” is uncertain, but it is believed to have come from the gang’s practice of sewing razor blades into the peaks of their flat caps. This allowed them to quickly and easily slash their enemies in a fight.

Is The Peaky Blinders based on a real-life gang?

While the Peaky Blinders are not based on a specific real-life gang, they are inspired by the various criminal organizations that operated in Birmingham during the 1920s. The show’s creator, Steven Knight, has stated that the Peaky Blinders are a fictionalized version of the city’s underworld at the time.

How historically accurate is The Peaky Blinders?

While The Peaky Blinders is not a documentary, it does strive to be historically accurate in its portrayal of 1920s Birmingham. The show’s creators have done extensive research into the time period and have consulted with experts to ensure that the show’s setting and characters are as authentic as possible.

Will there be another season of The Peaky Blinders?

Unfortunately, the show ended after its sixth season, which aired in 2021. While fans were disappointed to see the show come to an end, the creators felt that it was the right time to wrap up the story of the Shelby family.


The Peaky Blinders is a show that has captivated audiences with its gripping storyline, talented cast, and unique setting. It has become a cultural phenomenon, inspiring countless fans to explore the world of organized crime in the 1920s.

At its core, The Peaky Blinders is a show about family, loyalty, and the lengths people will go to protect those they love. It explores the complex and morally ambiguous world of organized crime, showing that even in the darkest of places, there can be moments of hope and redemption.

While the show may have come to an end, its legacy will live on for years to come. The Peaky Blinders will continue to be a cultural touchstone, inspiring new generations of fans to explore the world of the Shelby family and their exploits in 1920s Birmingham.